• Anchor Power Solutions | Planning Software & Consulting Services for the Power Industry
  • Anchor Power Solutions | Planning Software & Consulting Services for the Power Industry
  • Anchor Power Solutions | Planning Software & Consulting Services for the Power Industry
  • Anchor Power Solutions | Planning Software & Consulting Services for the Power Industry

1st Annual User Group Meeting October 16-17, 2020 Hosted by Great River Energy

Anchor Power Solutions Provides Planning Software & Consulting Services for the Power Industry

EnCompass Software – Powerful Simulation

EnCompass is the premier software for making optimal power supply decisions from short-term scheduling and trading to long-term capital investment. EnCompass uses an advanced optimization algorithm that enables analysts to efficiently evaluate decisions around scheduling, risk management and capital projects. EnCompass can also forecast market prices and transmission congestion.

Consulting – Power Industry Expertise

Anchor Power Solutions provides extensive services and capabilities to develop power supply plans, determine the economic value of power projects, and evaluate the impacts of market, environmental, and regulatory changes. We provide quick turn-around projects for market price forecasts and asset valuations, as well as in-depth analysis for rate cases and integrated resource plans, including expert witness testimony.

Power Industry Services & Solutions


Power Market Forecasting

Anchor Power Solutions uses powerful simulation models along with comprehensive market databases to produce accurate price forecasts under expected conditions and multiple future scenarios. EnCompass can forecast hourly day-ahead energy prices and sub-hourly real-time prices, in addition to prices for ancillary services, capacity, and environmental programs. >Learn More

Economic Transmission Planning

Anchor Power Solutions provides insight to all parties involved in the complex transmission planning process through industry expertise, dynamic software and utilization of detailed data models. EnCompass includes all of the necessary transmission detail to effectively combine generation and transmission planning, and evaluation of portfolios in nodal markets. >Learn More

Integrated Resource Planning

We help electric utilities face the complexity in power supply planning, as well as balancing requirements for reliability and environmental compliance in the most cost-effective manner. EnCompass determines not only the best way to utilize resources, but also which technologies should be added in the future, or existing resources that should be converted or retired. >Learn More

Valuation & Risk Assessment

Projecting future operations and cash flows of either a single power project or a portfolio of energy assets requires a detailed commitment and dispatch optimization model to capture all operating constraints. Valuations produced by Anchor Power can be used for project finance, tax assessments, budgeting, rate cases, and developing hedging strategies. >Learn More

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Anchor Power Solutions – Regulatory Acceptance


  • Caithness Energy filed a request to the Montana Public Service Commission for four new battery-paired wind projects to receive avoided energy cost payments which were determined using EnCompass and the National Database.
  • Arizona Electric Power Cooperative filed its integrate resource plan with the Arizona Corporation Commission, using EnCompass to produce expansion plans under different scenarios of market prices and environmental requirements.
  • The Hawaii Division of Consumer Advocacy used EnCompass to evaluate rate case filings made to the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission by Hawaii Electric Light Company, Hawaii Electric Company, and Maui Electric Company.
  • The Avoided Energy Supply Components (AESC) Study Group, made up of utilities and state agencies in New England, used EnCompass to forecast capacity expansion and production costs for the 2018 Report, which will be the basis for regulatory evaluation of energy efficiency and other demand-side programs.

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1st Annual User Group Meeting

Join us October 16-17, 2019. Interact with other EnCompass clients, learn about product features & capabilities, and influence the direction of the software. Opportunity for presenters.

More Companies Select EnCompass

EnCompass Power Planning Software is quickly becoming the industry standard solution for integrated resource planning, market price forecasting, budgeting, and risk evaluation.

EnCompass 3.5 Released

Anchor Power Solutions is pleased to announce the release of EnCompass Power Planning Software 3.5, which includes detailed modeling of batteries, combined cycle units, and fuel limits.