Anchor Power Solutions | Planning Software & Consulting Services for the Power Industry

About Anchor Power Solutions

Over the last twenty years, power markets have undergone remarkable changes, making the decision process more complex with numerous factors to consider. Technology breakthroughs in computing power and optimization algorithms provide the foundation for keeping up with these changes, but applying those to older, traditional models is a monumental task.

Norm Richardson founded Anchor Power Solutions with the aspiration to take a new approach to power system planning.

Anchor Power Solutions built EnCompass Power Planning Software by starting with a detailed simulation model and expanding it to accommodate price forecasting, risk analysis, and capacity expansion.

EnCompass is the foundation of the consulting services Anchor Power provides and can be licensed for internal planning and analysis.

EnCompass includes the key usability features that analysts value the most—easy setup of scenarios and uncertainty, intuitive reports and graphs to understand the results, and tight integration with Excel.

Our Philosophy

Anchor Power Solutions’ philosophy to software licensing and support reflects the fact that power system models like EnCompass are geared more towards insight and consultation, rather than database and process management.

There are no software trouble tickets, no separation between engineering and support and product management, and no cumbersome processes for billing and contracts.

Anchor Power Solutions provides evaluation periods that include a complimentary database with your own power system data, and flexible licensing terms.

Licensing EnCompass Power Planning Software is equivalent to having an in-house expert to navigate planning decisions with the ability to reach out for additional guidance and assistance.

By maintaining a close relationship with our clients, we are able to continuously expand and improve EnCompass with new features and relevant capabilities.

Say goodbye to software trouble tickets; goodbye to separation between engineering, support and product management; and goodbye to cumbersome processes for billing and contracts.