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EnCompass is the Premier Software for Making Optimal Power Supply Decisions

EnCompass is the premier software for making optimal power supply decisions from short-term scheduling and trading to long-term capital investment. By combining the full operational details of power plants and complex contracts with the ability to simplify and relax constraints for long-term simulations, EnCompass is the only model needed for all facets of power planning and forecasting.

Traditional long-term planning models are often overly simplistic and ignore ancillary services, ramp rates and startup costs. Most short-term models are data-intensive making it difficult to manage scenarios and uncertainties around prices, demand, and availability. EnCompass overcomes these drawbacks by combining an extensible Time Series data model with performance options for managing runtime and complexity, while always maintaining chronological constraints.

Extensive Capabilities

EnCompass is an intuitive and flexible software system that includes a broad set of capabilities to cover all planning aspects:

  • Market price forecasting with nodal transmission capability (security-constrained unit commitment and economic dispatch)
  • Detailed chronological constraints with sub-hourly capability (down to one minute)
  • Maintenance scheduling and stochastic analysis with risk reporting
  • Co-optimization of energy, ancillary services, capacity, and environmental programs
  • Solving for multiple expansion plans ranked by revenue requirements
  • Pro-forma financial analysis including income statements, cash flow and key metrics

Intuitive To Use

EnCompass was designed with the analyst in mind, making data setup and reporting simple and intuitive. Multiple scenarios can be created using shared datasets, with scenarios grouped into structured folders that make it easy for capital projects, outage dates, and initial conditions to be set based on prior simulations. Time Series are a simple way to develop a stream of data over time, including detailed daily shapes, and share those assumptions across multiple items and inputs. EnCompass can import and export data to Excel spreadsheets in a straight-forward, easy-to-read format, facilitating entry of large amounts of data.

Results & Reports

Results from a simulation are easily viewed and understood through a series of reports that drill-down from high-level summaries to detailed interval dispatch details, all at the click of a link with no setup required. Tables and charts are used to put the results into context, and include key metrics such as reserve margins, availability, capacity factors, average costs, pricing, realized market prices, and profitability.

EnCompass Deployment

EnCompass can be deployed in two different modes. Either mode may use physical computers, virtual machines, or resources in the cloud using technologies like Amazon Workspaces or Azure Virtual Machines.


EnCompass can be run as a single desktop application using local database files, with no need to configure a database server. This option is the most cost-effective solution when only one or two analysts will be using the software for resource planning or production cost modeling.


With this configuration, there are an unlimited number of users that can view and edit input assumptions, configure and submit simulations, and view and export results. All users would connect to a SQL Server database that manages user permissions through accounts, which are groups of similar users. Grid computers would have the EnCompass simulation engine installed to perform requested simulations. This is the recommended configuration for multiple users, or for performing large-scale market simulations or stochastic analysis.

EnCompass Licensing

Anchor Power Solutions offers several different options for licensing EnCompass Software to meet your unique needs.


For a one-time fee, EnCompass can be licensed with no expiration date. Future product updates and support are available with annual maintenance subscriptions. In most cases, the license fee and a portion of the maintenance subscription can be treated as a capital expenditure.


The EnCompass software is leased with an annual subscription that includes product updates and support.


Small consulting firms or individuals may license the EnCompass Desktop version on a per-project, per-month basis.


Degree-awarding academic institutions may receive a free license of EnCompass which can be used by faculty members and students for research and consulting activities.

Client List
  • Duke Energy
  • Xcel Energy
  • Minnesota Power
  • Otter Tail Power Company
  • DTE Electric Company
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • PNM Resources
  • Liberty Utilities – Empire District
  • Great River Energy
  • Dairyland Power Cooperative
  • ACES
  • Hydro Quebec
  • Arkansas Electric Cooperatives
  • Arizona’s G&T Cooperatives
  • Utah Municipal Power Agency
  • Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency
  • Vote Solar
  • Minnesota Department of Commerce
  • Fresh Energy
  • Synapse Energy Economics
  • Old Dominion Electric Cooperative
  • nFront Consulting

EnCompass Enables Optimal Decision Making in Today’s Complex Power Markets