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Reporting & Data Management

EnCompass was designed with the analyst in mind, making data setup and reporting simple and intuitive. The software uses a SQL Server database, allowing multiple users access to data at the same time, and all data entries clearly display who made the change and when.

Multiple scenarios can be created using shared datasets, with scenarios grouped into structured folders that make it easy for capital projects, outage dates, and initial conditions to be set based on prior simulations.

Interactive Tables and Charts

Time Series are a simple way to develop a stream of data over time, including detailed daily shapes, and share those assumptions across multiple items and inputs.

EnCompass can import and export data to Excel spreadsheets in a straight-forward, easy-to-read format, facilitating entry of large amounts of data.

EnCompass provides a structured data environment making it easy to setup assumptions that are shared, but also has tools to show the actual detailed data that will be part of the simulation before the runs are made.

Values for any number of days, months, or years can be shown for all or selected inputs, with the effects of Time Series repeating patterns and escalations taken into account. The Supply Curve report will show, for a selected balancing authority or zone, all resources with expected capacity and bids in a merit-order stack, both as a table and a chart.

Results from a simulation are easily viewed and understood through a series of reports that drill-down from high-level summaries to detailed interval dispatch details, all at the click of a link with no setup required.

Tables and charts are used to put the results into context, and include key metrics such as reserve margins, availability, capacity factors, average costs, pricing, realized market prices, and profitability.

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