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Powerful tools for understanding and validating results

Point-and-click interactive tool that combines visual layout and mathematical optimization


EnCompass includes all the necessary transmission detail to effectively combine generation and transmission planning and portfolio evaluations in nodal markets.

Interval LMP Report showing congestion components by binding constraint

Interval Flow Report showing congestion prices


EnCompass enables economic transmission analysis by performing a security-constrained unit commitment (SCUC) and economic dispatch (SCED) using a detailed DC powerflow including contingency constraints. As part of a nodal simulation, EnCompass calculates the locational marginal price (LMP) for each node and hub in the network on an hourly or sub-hourly basis. LMP reports show the statistics for average, on-peak, off-peak, minimum, and maximum LMP, as well as the congestion and marginal loss components from each binding transmission constraint.

Transmission lines can be modeled with planned outages as well as unplanned forced outages. Powerflow control devices such as phase-shifting transformers and DC ties can be used to manage congestion. Summary reports display the total congestion value of binding constraints to help identify transmission projects with economic value. Complete nodal datasets are available for ERCOT, WECC, and the Eastern Interconnection, including all detailed transmission elements with selected contingency constraints.


Powerful and interactive point-and-click tool that aids the analyst in understanding and validating results.


The Powerflow Analysis tool is integrated within EnCompass, allowing users to better understand the contributors to transmission flows, the impacts of shift factors, and flow changes due to transmission outages.

Transmission system showing generational flows and outage impacts

Powerflow analysis showing generation resource contributions to flows on a transmission line


  • Generator siting and sizing
  • Locational Marginal Price forecasting at the node, hub, and zone
  • Transmission outage scheduling
  • Transmission congestion evaluation (financial transmission rights, congestion revenue rights, and transmission congestion contracts)
  • Economic transmission cost/benefit for both new and capacity expansion projects
  • ISO/RTO membership analysis
  • Seamless integration with capacity expansion and long-term zonal analysis

Flow diagram showing LMP and transmission branch limits


Each data model has the ability to simulate the system at the nodal transmission level of detail.


EnCompass nodal data models are available for each of North America’s interconnects (Eastern Interconnect, ERCOT, and WECC). Each data model may simulate the system at the nodal transmission level of detail.

The EnCompass nodal data models build on Horizons Energy’s National Database, which includes all the generating resources, load forecasts, fuel forecasts, emissions assumptions, and zonal topology for North America. EnCompass Nodal Data Models add the ability to further analyze the system by connecting the powerflow and related transmission constraints to the National Database.


Anchor Power Solutions creates these data models from numerous sources:

  • Multi-regional Modeling Working Group (MMWG) powerflows for the Eastern Interconnect
  • WECC’s TEPPC base case for power flow and transmission constraints
  • ERCOT’s SSWG power flow model and transmission constraints
  • NERC Book of Flowgates for Eastern Interconnection transmission constraints; additional constraints from ISO/RTO and balancing authorities
  • Major trading hubs for each ISO/RTO

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