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EnCompass is recognized and accepted by public utility and service commissions (PUCs/PSCs), clients, environmental advocacy groups, consultants, and other stakeholders


ACES uses EnCompass to model new technologies and
complex carbon portfolios without sacrificing complexity or transparency

“We use to spend several man-hours in data-processing time to extrapolate and manage data. Now our analysts can spend time doing more critical tasks.”

In 2021, ACES initiated an evaluation process to modernize and consolidate its modeling framework due to the growing demand for modeling more com- plex resources, such as hydro and energy storage.

The ability to model virtually all aspects of a portfolio in one software solution is of significant importance because ACES’ clients have diverse portfolios, an array of environmental regulations varying market dynamics, and an abundance of resources.


Tri-State uses the EnCompass model to provide a plethora of capabilities to its internal stakeholders and members

“EnCompass has made it far easier to control our carbon footprint by providing visibility and insights. Because of the constraints and flow gates that enable us to watch what comes into Colorado, all we do is set the carbon limit and let the model run. We have yet to miss a target.”

Tri-State began using EnCompass in 2022 to capture emissions and other constraints, given rapidly evolving policy and industry changes. They needed a modeling solution that could manage a diverse system (e.g., thermal, hydro, wind, solar, natural gas) while also being user-friendly and fast to implement. Tri-State has a complex system that spans four states with numerous contracts and a variety of generations sources, with unique rules and requirements applicable to Colorado. 


A large investor-owned utility hired Anchor Power Solutions to work with two groups within the electric utility: the generation forecasting and strategy team and the integrated resource planning (IRP) group

“The service and support has been personable and exceptional with all of our questions and concerns addressed very quickly.”

The EnCompass model provides mid-term fore- casting (1-5 years) for the utility’s power supply costs that are refreshed periodically throughout the year.

The utility’s IRP team filed its plan using the EnCompass model, which was selected through a rigorous stakeholder process. As a result, innovations in IRP modeling and analysis contributed to a more extensive and sophisticated IRP model.

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Great River Energy Uses EnCompass Modeling to Evaluate Coal Retirement

Used to perform capacity expansion modeling in order to identify the least cost future resource portfolio.

EnCompass is the Analytical Foundation for Minnesota Power’s Transformational IRP

Utilized advanced capabilities to determine resource plan featuring low carbon emissions and high levels of renewable energy.

PNM Relies on EnCompass to Generate a Plan that Exceeds New Mexico’s Carbon-Free Goals

Met multiple environmental goals including carbon intensity limits by evaluating the latest technologies and maintaining reliability.

Public Service Company of Colorado Switches to EnCompass for Landmark Clean Energy Plan

Proposed 85% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 while maintaining affordable and reliable energy service to customers.

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