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Options for licensing that meet your unique needs

Effective solutions for a single analyst or unlimited users performing market simulations


EnCompass can be deployed in two modes. Either mode may use physical computers, virtual machines, or resources in the cloud using technologies like Amazon Workspaces or Azure Virtual Machines.


EnCompass can run as a single desktop application using local database files with no need to configure a database server. This option is the most cost-effective solution when only one or two analysts will be using the software for resource planning or production cost modeling.


This configuration allows an unlimited number of users to view and edit input assumptions, configure and submit simulations, and view and export results. All users would connect to an SQL server database that manages user permissions through accounts, which are groups of similar users. Grid computers would have the EnCompass simulation engine installed to perform requested simulations. This is the recommended configuration for multiple users or for performing large-scale market simulations or stochastic analysis.


Licensing EnCompass is equivalent to having an in-house expert to help navigate planning decisions with the ability to reach out for additional assistance.


For a one-time fee, EnCompass can be licensed with no expiration date. Future product updates and support are available with annual maintenance subscriptions. In most cases, the license fee and a portion of the maintenance subscription can be treated as a capital expenditure.


The EnCompass software is leased with an annual subscription that includes product updates and support.


Small consulting firms or individuals may license the EnCompass desktop version on a per-project, per-month basis.


Degree-awarding academic institutions may receive a free license of EnCompass, which faculty members and students may use for research and consulting activities.


No more software trouble tickets and cumbersome processes.

We remove the separation between engineering, support, and product management.


EnCompass software system support is provided by a team of industry professionals with unmatched expertise in simulation software. From onboarding the software to discussing industry concepts and analyzing results, Anchor Power Solutions will be with you every step of the way. 

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